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Updated October, 2011

In a Mood for Egypt - Foul (Ful)

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations - Egyptian Breakfast of Ful (Foul)

In a Mood for Egypt - Koshari

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations - Egyptian Meal of Koshari, very similar to Foul. Rice, Spaghetti, Black Lentils, Chickpeas, Fried Onions.

Anthony Bourdain, traveling chef extraordinaire. Anthony will take you on unforgettable trips to unimaginable places. His life is a culinary fairytale. Click HERE to see a selection of his books on Amazon. Special Favorites: A Cook's Tour: Global Adventures in Extreme Cuisines, No Reservations: Around the World on an Empty Stomach
Don't ask me why, but this dish captured my memory
and my heart the first time I saw it over a year ago. It stuck with me. In fact, I've gradually accumulated a can of fava beans, onions, eggs for boiling, seasonings and spices. It's been in my dreams...  

It might have been the street vendors - somehow the sights and sounds are so alive with fragrance, sound and movement. HOWEVER... my memory failed me because in ACTUALITY, I had mixed TWO Bourdain Egyptian recipes into one.
The OTHER recipe is for Koshary - an extremely popular dish of rice, noodles, garbanzo beans, lentils, special seasonings and plenty of oily fried onions. Heavenly. They are similar, and yet not...
Combined, the ideal Foul/Koshary Union would consist of the following authentic layers:
A wonderful cookbook with genuinely authentic recipes from Egypt; simple and easy to prepare.
Cooked Rice
Cooked Vermicelli
Mashed Boiled Fava Beans
Black Lentils
Spicy Red Sauce
Red Pepper
dash cinnamon
Garbanzo Beans (Chickpeas)
Rich, oily fried Onions
Chop Boiled Egg
Other Seasonings
A wonderful cookbook with genuinely authentic recipes from Egypt; simple and easy to prepare.
Spicy Lemon Sauce with Black Pepper
Serve with Brown Flat Bread - Fresh and Hot
These incredible dishes have nourished nations.

Here's my perfect Foul-Kosharie Recipe

Incredibly delicious, filling, rich and nutritious - Feeds 20 for about $5.00
Wash and gently boil the following, separately: Rice with dash of butter and natural salt till fluffy separate Vermicelli until soft, drain and toss with oil and salt Fava beans until tender, then mash till lumpy (Canned, drained, simmered for 10 minutes is fine) Black Lentils until tender Garbanzo beans (canned, drained and simmered for 10 minutes is fine)
African Egyptian Spice Essentials (7) & Spice Box Steel Organizer, Stainless steel spice container with7 small bowls, stainless steel spoon, unique extra lid for freshness. Caraway seeds, Harissa, Sesame Seeds , Cumin Powder, cloves, black peppercorns, cardamom, nutmeg, turmeric, Garam Masala.
Simmer a sauce of tomato paste, dash chili powder, vinegar (adds sour, your choice), cumin, cardamon, tiny dash cinnamon, black pepper, salt, Olive Oil. Season to taste. Add several cloves of garlic if you wish. Garlic is more Moroccan than Egyptian, they say.
Thinly slice and finely chop onions, fry in plenty of your favorite oil (mine is Organic filtered Peanut Oil) until brown and crisp - they will make your cooking area smell divine
Slice a boiled egg into thin slivers and cut crossways
Fresh slices lemon or lime
Red pepper spice, Black Pepper
Layer your small tub, bowl or dish as follows:
2 heaping tbsps Rice
2 heaping tbsps Vermicelli
1 heaping tbsp Lentils
1 tbsp Dash Red Sauce
2 tbsps Dashes Lumpy fava bean gravy
1 heaping tbsp sprinkling of tender chickpeas (garbanzos)
1 tbsp Dash Red Sauce Dash Red Sauce
Giant heaping tbsp (Plenty!) of Onion Bits with Delicious Oil
(Use organic oil so you don't feel guilty)
(Don't worry - oil is only 100 calories a tablespoon,
so a teaspoon is only 33 calories)
Top with heaping tsp of chopped egg
Perhaps squeeze of lime or lemon, dash black pepper
Serve with small chunk of flat brown bread
This dish will lodge in your stomach like a mortar and last you the entire day. You should feel sustained and strong.
If you ate this everyday, you would live long enough to build... a pyramid! These dishes are beloved in Egypt, where they originated from India and were adapted to Egyptian tastes and palates. The Brits call the Indian dish, Kitcheree.
Separate out the fava bean stew and serve with bread, sauce, fried onions, boiled eggs and plenty of warm flat brown bread. Yummm Oh, as Rachel Ray would say! : )
Meanwhile, while I drool, it's late. Off to bed... dreaming of Anthony Bourdain and his immemorable trip to Egypt.
Check out his Egyptian restaurant review HERE at TravelChannel.


Our First Grape Harvest : )

September 19th, 4:12 pm

Yummy Delicious Food Separator

First Grape Harvest - delicious beyond belief and they grew on their own..


Had my first grape harvest this year. What a rush - the vines grew wildly and rampantly and disgorged the most marvelously tasting merlots and concords.

I had ignored the vines, letting them overgrow in winter and never watering
in the Spring and Summer. Tall grass covered them, wisteria overshadowed them and a blue rose or two stabbed them.

Amongst all the competition, they rose to occasion, climbing their fellows reaching for the sun. The calm before the storm... riotous grapes burst from tiny clusters of bubbles.

One of the most interesting things about these grapes - they healed. They took away my appetite for anything unhealthy, and the next morning I awoke refreshed and glowy.

Never used any pesticides, never did anything to the soil. In fact, thought the soil was beyond redemption. Who knows the lead content from the past? But, one thing is for sure - there's been no chemicals for over 12 years, winter rains have washed the soil repeatedly, and not a bit of fertilizer has ever been applied.

Don't know which was more fun - eating these globules of goodness or taking their picture.

Grow your own...

Notes: Bought the original vines from local hardware store. Lucked out - they were a spectacular variety. You can order online. I would buy heirloom these days... then test.

I would plant grapes around any house I would have - vines and vines. Would trellis them, arbors galore. Life couldn't be sweeter.


Ultimate Luxury

Wednesday, August 19th, 4:12 pm

Yummy Delicious Food Separator

"There is nothing so sweetly sublime as the light of dusk on a field of vines..." Above: a phantasmagorical expression of vines, oaks and olive trees nestling in the hills.

Today is Saturday and I happened to glimpse a picture of a winery online. (Not the picture above, but another picture you can see here of Heron Hill Winery in New York.)
For whatever reason, it sparked an evocative memory from the past and voila - my mind was off on a whirl.
At this moment, three quickies come to mind when I think of ultimate luxury - one, wineries, second, an exclusive Ferrari collectors' meet at some secret hideaway, third, a Kentucky Thoroughbred Farm owners' gala fest.
(As for Dinner at the Windsor Castle, world cruises, super yacht fests and the like, another time perhaps.)
This moment, I will just wax elongated on wineries.
Wineries Sweet Wineries...
Wineries are places of men's "dreams."
Once upon a time, some man, (perhaps woman), fond of the way of the grape, decided to plant the fruit and sell their fermented juices. (We won't consider those who inherit a winery.)
After much research and more heartache than he could have imagined, the new winery owner finally acquired land and vines and commenced planting.
As he worked the soil, ever subject to Nature's truculence, he eventually harvested his succulent little globules experiencing surging, rousing elation (and even disbelief) with the taste of his first, great fermented pressings.
He could not help but grow more and more quality conscious. Eventually, even exceedingly so.
After all, both in the making and the tasting, there's SUCH a huge difference between good and great, even, when the difference is minute.
In fact, when the quality difference in wines seems barely perceptible to the uninitiated, that tiny little different can distinguish a nice experience from a transformative experience.
And so it just naturally transpires, that the Temple of Sublime Pleasures of the Almighty Grape must be matched with mood elevating, classically stunning and evocative architectural surroundings along with surreal, sublime cuisine.
This is the way of the wine aficionado. And of course.... along with the imbibing comes the infinitely heightening pleasures of the alcohol muse. Everything takes on a glow.
Therefore... if you are invited to a wine tasting at the winery owner's home, you may very well experience the greatest, transcendant, culinary experience of your life.
You will most likely be surrounded by the mystical melded beauty of candlelight and dusk, stone masonry and polished wood, silverware of purest carat, flowers of the most delicate fragrance and color, an unforgettable view, food of unparalleled taste, finest invisible hovering service, and convivial banter both pleasant and bright.
Perhaps we can speculate that a Ferrari Get Together at a Winery in Kentucky would truly take the cake.
I'm game.

Best English Fish and Chips with Crisp Green Salad

Friday, January 1st, 2010 5:03 am

Yummy Delicious Food Separator
"Govern a great nation as you would cook a small fish. Do not overdo it."
– Lao Tzu
Classic English Fish and Chips - Net Caught Wild Cod, Seasoned with Vinegar
Classic English Fish and Chips - Net Caught Wild
Cod, Seasoned with Vinegar
Fresh Classic Green Salad with Tomatoes, Cucumber, Seasoned Bread Crumbs
Fresh Classic Green
Salad with Tomatoes, Cucumber, Seasoned Bread Crumbs
Delicious English Chips - crispy on the outside, tender, fluffy, buttery on the inside
Traditional Chips - Organic Potatoes Deep Fried in Peanut Oil with Sea Salt
Yummy Delicious Food Separator
5:13 PM - A Lovely Saturday Late Afternoon
Yummy Delicious Food Separator
THE FISH | Back To Top |

This delicious natural old world recipe will surprise you - the batter will be particularly light and crispy. The fish skin will add flavor. The fresher the fish, the sweeter, more tender and flaky the fish.

Fish and chips may be one of the dishes that never gets old. Today, high quality fish is becoming increasingly rare due to over fishing. Unfortunately, many fish varieties are no longer available. Enjoy in moderation, and encourage sustainable Net fishing.

1 3/4 Cups of Unbleached Flour
1 Teaspoon Natural Baking Soda
2 Small Pinches Sea Salt
2 Pounds Fresh Whitefish with Skin - Cod, Halibut,
Haddock, Flounder, Perch cut into serving sized pieces
1 Cup Ice Water OR
1/2 Cup Ice Water and
1/2 Cup Cold Effervescent English Beer
(If you prefer to eliminate beer, increase water to 1 Cup)
Peanut or High Quality Oil or Natural Organic Lard,
minimum 1 inch deep in pan, 3 inches in pot for deep

2 Pounds Peeled and Dried Potatoes cut into small strips
Barley Malt Vinegar
Mix flour, Salt and Water into a smooth batter. This can be accomplished by making a well in the center of the flour and gradually and gently stir in the ice water. When smooth, add baking soda and gently stir. "Rest" the batter in the refrigerator for at least 45 minutes to an hour.

Make sure fillets are dry. Dredge in a little flour and salt.
Heat the oil till drop of water sizzles and pops. Dip the fish into the batter and fry until golden brown, aproximately 5
minutes. Drain on wire rack, keep warm in oven.

THE POTATOES   | Back To Top |

Deep fry potatoes in oil into golden brown, serve with fish and season to taste with vinegar and salt.

Notes About Making the Best English Chips

Ah yes... the secret to making the perfect English Chips. First of all, unlike American Potato Chips, English chips are not wafer thin circles, crunchy all the way through. The English Chip is basically a fat American french fry. Or, vice versa...

First of all, consider the potato itself. Each variety has good and not as good points. Some are fluffy, others silky. Some mash nicely, others are best boiled.

For chips, the best varieties of potatoes will fry up tender, rich and fluffy on the inside and crisply golden brown on the outside. They will soak oil creamily, and taste like heaven. Some even like them soft, a bit chewy, soggy, but crisped on the outside. Interesting!

If the fat is superb, then perhaps any amount will seem acceptable. Nothing is worse than old, rancid oil or fat. Plus, it's terrible for you.

In America, organic russets do the trick quite nicely and are common.

The secret potato tricks are these:

Soaking in icy water with a dash of salt in the fridge for several hours, then draining and drying
Frying twice
Using the finest natural organic lard
If no lard, then organic filtered peanut oil

Fry up once at lower heat. Then, when ready to serve, fry at high heat to golden, perfect brown. Sprinkle with the best natural salt and fine malt vinegar.

No wonder fish and chips is a national favorite. Add salad, perhaps a bit of fruit ice for dessert. Incredible.

THE SALAD  | Back To Top |
The secret to a delicious fresh green salad is hidden in the name - fresh. The more recently the greens were picked, the more pure and delicate the flavors and the tender with full crispness and satisfying crunch.

Another major secret is the dressing. Any delicious dressing can make a mediocre salad taste good.

But, when you marry fresh greens and a great dressing, nirvana is attained.

1/4 Head Green Leaf Lettuce
1/4 Head Iceberg Lettuce
4 Large Romaine Lettuce Leaves
2 Small or 1 Large Tomato
3 oz. Your Favorite Cheese
Chopped Scallions (Optional)
Finely Sliced Rings of Red Onion
Your Favorite Fresh Baked Croutons

Organic Apple Cider or Malt Vinegar
2 Tbsp. Light Organic Olive Oil or High Quality Vegetable Oil
1 Teaspoon Organic Raw Sugar to Taste
Sea or Natural Non-Heat Treated Salt
1/4 Finely Minced Garlic Clove (Optional)
Fresh Ground Pepper
Fresh Finely Chopped Herbs - Use Sparingly
  Particular Favorites
  Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Tarragon, Rosemary, Sage
  Note: Freshly snipped home grown herbs taste
  remarkably different than dried seasoning herbs.
Tear Greens into bite sized pieces. You can chop them without a problem as well; they will still taste just as good. Once it was considered bad form to chop salad greens. This may be possibly due to the use of non-stainless steel utensils.

Mix salt, finely chopped herbs, fresh ground pepper, sugar, garlic and vinegar and mix gently. Set Aside. Toss greens with Olive Oil. Add a tablespoon water to the herb mixture, stir and toss into the greens. Top with Scallions, Croutons, Red Onion Rings. Serve immediately with your hot fish and potatoes.

Bon Appetit! : )

| Back To Top |

Delicious Simmered Sprouted Wheat : )

Tuesday, December 1st, 2:10 am

Yummy Delicious Food Separator
You and I might have a little debate as to what constitutes yummy and delicious...
Here's a picture of my rather tasty wheat kernels prepared in an "ancient" style.
The idea of having something so basic, simplistic and satisfying I find rather delightful. If I were to fancy it up for company, I would add chopped sweet dried cranberries, bits of roasted candied pecans, sauteed buttery minced mushrooms, and topped with a sprinkle of fresh green onions. What a holiday surprise it would be! : )
UPDATE: Yes, for the holidays or ANY days for that matter, you MUST add sweet dried cranberries. Unbelievably scrumptious.
Where to get? Trader Joes has sweet dried cranberries in a little plastic pouch. No need to use all of them, store in fridge and freezer for later fabulous deliciousness.
What is this above in the little blue dish? Probably something you haven't ever had before. It's organic whole grain wheat simmered overnight in a crockpot with 2 large pieces of organic fresh chicken.
How simple and unbelievably economical it IS. A most unusual way to prepare a very tasty and texturous whole grain.
It will surprise you - it's fibrous (very good for your digestive system), nutty, tender chewy and FUN to eat.
A Little Note About Wheat
Wheat is a very nutritious and long-storing grain. In my humble opinion, wheat allergies may very well be due to the processing and chemical adulteration of wheat in recent decades. Not due to the wheat itself.
ESPECIALLY if true organic natural NON-genetically modified kernels are used. Now this is just my personal thought. : )
Money Saving
Did you know that you can simmer your grains and feed a family of four with pennies rather than dollars?
These days, bread is somewhat a luxury with a medium loaf ranging from $2.50 to $5.00 each. When you consider the nutrient value, bread is mostly water, crushed processed flour and additives.
But admittedly, very tasty indeed! : )
Saving Pennies...
We all love bread. But these days, we're very much into preserving our pennies and watching our budget. With the wintry cold, (a brisk 55 degrees in Southern California : ), there's nothing better than a hot bowl of whole grain delicately seasoned with a delightful meat broth.
Vegetarian Style
Personally, I love my simmered whole grains seasoned with a lovely selection of vegetables and perhaps some herbs and dash of organic butter, the butter being my concession to the world of meaty eating.
Today, we're all very full, we feel wonderful, and a warm bowl of tender chewy nuggets of wheat goodness absolutely hit the spot!
Happy Holidays with "Delicious Holiday Wheat Slow Cooked with Fresh Organic Chicken!"
So Simple and So Delicious - Nutty, Tender Yet Chewy - Full of Fiber and Wholesomeness - a filling, warm and satisfying wintry meal : )
1 1/2 - 2 pounds of Organic Winter Wheat Berries
2 fresh whole organic chicken legs with bone in
Sprig of fresh thyme from your little kitchen window herb garden
Sprig of sage if you have it, otherwise a 1/3 teaspoon seasoning
Utah Mineral Salt to Taste AFTER preparation
Pinch fresh ground organic pepper if you must
For greater deliciousness and nutrition, first soak whole grain organic wheat for at least 24 hours. This will lower cooking times and release the magic of enzymes and the beginnings of the sprout of life, greatly enhancing the availability of nutrients within the grain.
Bring 3/4 water filled crockpot to steamy heat on high. Add the wheat, making sure it's quite submerged beneath the surface of the water. Then, fill the pot with water almost to the top.
Too much water? Spoon out! : )
Let cook overnight on LOW, depending upon your crockpot. We use a $17 Procter Silex pot that we got from Target. (We had given away our original nice pot, thinking we'd eat everything raw. Not happening! : )
In the morning, you will be greeted with a delicious fragrance and perhaps the most substantial hot breakfast you could imagine.
So good, you'll have more for dinner, and take some for lunch.
Did you know that something so simple could be so good?
Try this, then please let me know if you agree or disagree! :D

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RUTABAGA Night! Deelicious

Sunday, October 18th, 12:24 pm

Yummy Delicious Food Separator
Beautiful Beautiful Delicious RUTABAGA - Buttery Sweet, Tender, Golden and Rich : )
Yesterday, dinner was simmered organic rutabaga. Frankly, it was extraordinarily delicious.

"Rutabaga!" you say. "Are you kidding?"
No, I'm not. I've ALWAYS loved rutabagas, but nobody else I know does. However... last night, I simmered them up till tender, sweet and golden, added a bit of fresh hormone free butter, organic salt, a sprinkle of fresh ground pepper and served them up to a hesitant audience.
They ate it ALL up and LIKED it.
Rutabaga has the creamy rich texture of both russet and golden potatoes together and the delicate flavor of cabbage and radish all at once. That is, if you buy the rutagbagas I did.
I always buy organic ($1.89 a pound) because they just taste so home garden fresh. I don't cook a huge amount, you know... less is best!
If young grumpy guys like rutabaga, if small kids like it, then most likely you and yours will, too. : )
If you don't, give me your helping. I will eat your rutabagas. I will eat them ALL up.
Ingredients (Serves 2)
1 Large Organic Rutabaga or Two Medium Rutabagaslarge organic rutabaga or two medium rutabagas
Fresh Organic Sweet Butter
Natural Salt
Fresh Ground Organic Pepper
Thoroughly wash and scrub your rutabaga. Cut off the stem, rootbits and tough areas.
Cut the rutabaga into 1/2 inch by 2 inch strips to resemble French fries. Steam over low heat with either a steam basket or simply with 1/2 cup water until fork tender, usually 15 to 20 minutes, longer if necessary.
Toss lightly with a 1/3 inch pat of fresh organic butter, a sprinkle of natural non-heat treated mineral salt or kosher salt and some fresh ground pepper to taste. Serve steaming hot.
That's it! Your rutabaga strips should be golden brown, buttery rich and silken. If fresh and organic, it will have a delicate flavor and a creamy potato-like texture.
Your rutabaga is wonderful for wintry holiday fare. Goes well with sweet potatoes, peas and onions and other traditional fare.
Vegetable Oil instead of butter - Toss lightly with Planter's Peanut Oil or Organic Peanut Oil instead of butter if you prefer.
Serve with a dollop of sour cream and fresh chopped parsley.
Update: Above image is an authentic original picture of my personal delicious RUTABAGA. They invariably cook up a rich golden hue and remind me of yellow golden french fries. So luxuriously rich. Former Credits: Thanks to Elissa for the previous picture. : )

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Eating Uni in the Car

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009 1:08 am

Yummy Delicious Food Separator

Eating Uni Sushi in the Car... Uni (Sea Urchin, Green Sesame Seaweed Salad, Pickled Ginger, Salmon Caviar Roe
Eating Uni Sushi in the Car... Uni (Sea Urchin), Green Sesame Seaweed Salad, Pink Pickled Ginger, Salmon Caviar Roe), Wasabi horseradish - quite lovely to look at. The car isn't so bad, either.

My friend loves Sushi. So, down to Food Heaven we went, the Land of Infinite Delicacies from around the world. (Kearny Mesa area of San Diego County)

Off to the Japanese Market, where he got this little tub of colorful artistry - Fresh Uni (thank you dear little prickly sea urchin), pickled emerald green sesame seaweed salad, pickled sweet ginger, salmon caviar roe, over a bed of Japanese white rice. My understanding is, that it was quite delicious...

You can see we ate in the car, and it was a fine, and beautiful, experience. As for me... all right... I admit it... I had crisped roasted seaweed in tiny packets with bites of uni roe, too. Yes I felt guilty... Guilty little pleasure I felt.

It will be a long time before uni graces my tastebuds again. But I will tell you... it was rich, sweet, fresh, buttery, and tasting of the sea. I honor the little lady that spawned the roe, and I honor the fisherman that scooped her children from her, for me.

As for the crisped seaweed - it was perfect. Roasted and delicately salted to perfection - tasting of the most perfectly seasoned bacon.

Had there been a little salad, I would have shred a little of these dark bacony strips atop. Perfect complement. Imagine - Crisp fresh lettuce, fresh tomatoes, bacony seaweed to tickle the taste buds... perfect.

Want bacon without all the guilt? Roasted seasoned seaweed, from little packages. Nutritious, delicious, satisfying.

A lovely little few moments down in Food Heaven... one lovely little Saturday afternoon.

Popcorn Puppy

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009 4:12 pm

Yummy Delicious Food Separator
Is this amazing or what? Some people see Mother Mary, others see their Lord and Saviour. I saw a pup.
Story: Whilst I was munching while cooking, this little guy fell into the sauce. Did he fall, or did he flee from my fingers? Now upon reflection, wish I hadn't eaten him. Cute little boogie... eh?

Yummy Delicious Food Separator

Yummy Delicious Food Separator

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