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Food for Thought

Food for Thought – Aye, Can’t Stick a Fork in That, Can Ye? “As a man thinketh so shall he eateth.” Or, is it, “As a man Eateth, so shall […]

Ancient Foods from Biblical Days

One of the most interesting Biblical food experiences begins with the Story of Daniel. When Daniel was a very young man, he was brought before the King of the Land […]

HEIRLOOM Gardening – The Best

Why Heirloom Fruits and Vegetables are the Best in the World What are Heirloom Seeds? Heirloom seeds are rare, precious and treasured seeds that grow into plants that can bear […]


Kids Recipes – funny Your Submitted Recipes Added 1:50 PM 12/9/2008 PST Classic Hoe Cakes – Sustaining, Delicious, Nutritious, Cheap, but Absolutely Wonderful! During hard times, this all time classic […]

Birds Are Gourmets : )

Music of the Morning… In the early mist of morning, just when the dew is lightly lit by the grey dawn before sunrise, there is a likely a beautiful music that […]

Shop – Best Products

Shopping Page Coming Soon: There are several products and services that we have found to be incomparable or indispensible. We will provide links here.

Hamsters Are Gourmets : )

Some hamsters are so sweet and adorable. Others like to nip. But they all are very aware, and will come to recognize your voice and gentle touch. They enjoy many […]