Birds Are Gourmets : )

Bringing His Lady-Love a Treat. Love... a many splendored thing within both the human and animal kingdom

Bringing His Lady-Love a Treat. Love... a many splendored thing within both the human and animal kingdom

Music of the Morning…
In the early mist of morning, just when the dew is lightly lit by the grey dawn before sunrise, there is a likely a beautiful music that heralds the day. Is there more beautiful music, than the singing of the birds? We don’t think so – songs of the angels in the morning.
When little birds fall in love, they can be so filled with joy that they will sing long into the night, expressing their heartfelt love and bliss to each other and every other sweet songbird in the vicinity.
Here’s a very important notice:

If you decide to feel little wild creatures and put out food regularly, they will come to rely and depend upon that food. Should you go away on vacation or move, they might starve, unable to find the necessary food to sustain themselves or their families.

Feed wild animals with care and thought. If you do have to stop feeding them, do it very gradually. In that way, you may be preserving their happy continuity.

Birds love delicious seeds, berries, grains, bugs. If you allow them the opportunity, they will toss aside the more mundane seeds in favor of the more delicious varieties.

Thus, it is better to use a feed that makes it more difficult for them to be so carefree and a bit wasteful.

Of course, when the good stuff runs out, they will dutifully turn to the remaining seed on the ground, eventually salvaging every last bit that has not been taken by another creature.

It is important to provide fresh seed for birds. They, too are affected by rancidity, and can just as easily become ill as we can from improperly stored food as well as old food.

Rancidity is very bad for us, and very bad for other creatures as well.

Keep your seed and grains tightly covered in a cool place and use fairly quickly.

For long storage, consider using sealable airtight packaging. The less air, the less likely rancidity (which is oxidation) will occur.

All seed, no matter how lengthy the storage period can go bad.

On the other hand, some seeds from ancient Egyptian tombs have survived to sprout.

Perhaps the ancient Egyptians availed themselves of storage methods that surpass ours, today!

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