Delicious Simmered Sprouted Wheat : )

You and I might have a little debate as to what constitutes yummy and delicious.

The idea of having something so basic, simplistic and satisfying I find rather delightful. If I were to fancy it up for company, I would add chopped sweet dried cranberries, bits of roasted candied pecans, sauteed buttery minced mushrooms, and topped with a sprinkle of fresh green onions. What a holiday surprise it would be! : )

Here’s a picture of my yummy wheat kernels prepared in an “ancient” style.

Quick Little Update: For the holidays, you MUST add sweet dried cranberries. Unbelievably scrumptious. Where to get? Trader Joes has sweet dried cranberries in a little plastic pouch. No need to use all of them, store in fridge and freezer for later fabulous deliciousness.


What is this above in the little blue dish? Probably something you haven’t ever had before. It’s organic whole grain wheat simmered overnight in a crockpot with 2 large pieces of organic fresh chicken.

How simple and unbelievably economical it IS. A most unusual way to prepare a very tasty and texturous whole grain.

It will surprise you – it’s fibrous (very good for your digestive system), nutty, tender chewy and FUN to eat.

A Little Note About Wheat
Wheat is a very nutritious and long-storing grain. In my humble opinion, wheat allergies may very well be due to the processing and chemical adulteration of wheat in recent decades. Not due to the wheat itself.

ESPECIALLY if true organic natural NON-genetically modified kernels are used. Now this is just my personal thought. : )

Money Saving
Did you know that you can simmer your grains and feed a family of four with pennies rather than dollars?

These days, bread is somewhat a luxury with a medium loaf ranging from $2.50 to $5.00 each. When you consider the nutrient value, bread is mostly water, crushed processed flour and additives.

But admittedly, very tasty indeed! : )

Saving Pennies…

We all love bread. But these days, we’re very much into preserving our pennies and watching our budget. With the wintry cold, (a brisk 55 degrees in Southern California : ), there’s nothing better than a hot bowl of whole grain delicately seasoned with a delightful meat broth.

Vegetarian Style

Personally, I love my simmered whole grains seasoned with a lovely selection of vegetables and perhaps some herbs and dash of organic butter, the butter being my concession to the world of meaty eating.

Today, we’re all very full, we feel wonderful, and a warm bowl of tender chewy nuggets of wheat goodness absolutely hit the spot!

Happy Holidays with “Delicious Holiday Wheat Slow Cooked with Fresh Organic Chicken!”

So Simple and So Delicious – Nutty, Tender Yet Chewy – Full of Fiber and Wholesomeness – a filling, warm and satisfying wintry meal : )

1 1/2 – 2 pounds of Organic Winter Wheat Berries

2 fresh whole organic chicken legs with bone in

Sprig of fresh thyme from your little kitchen window herb garden

Sprig of sage if you have it, otherwise a 1/3 teaspoon seasoning

Utah Mineral Salt to Taste AFTER preparation

Pinch fresh ground organic pepper if you must

For greater deliciousness and nutrition, first soak whole grain organic wheat for at least 24 hours. This will lower cooking times and release the magic of enzymes and the beginnings of the sprout of life, greatly enhancing the availability of nutrients within the grain.

Bring 3/4 water filled crockpot to steamy heat on high. Add the wheat, making sure it’s quite submerged beneath the surface of the water. Then, fill the pot with water almost to the top.

Too much water? Spoon out! : )

Let cook overnight on LOW, depending upon your crockpot. We use a $17 Procter Silex pot that we got from Target. (We had given away our original nice pot, thinking we’d eat everything raw. Not happening! : )

In the morning, you will be greeted with a delicious fragrance and perhaps the most substantial hot breakfast you could imagine.

So good, you’ll have more for dinner, and take some for lunch.

Did you know that something so simple could be so good?

Try this, then please let me know if you agree or disagree! ๐Ÿ˜€

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