Irish Wild Stew

Irish Wild Sea Bass, Tripe, Sausage, Scallops, Irish Stew

The Irish Autumn Mad Hatter’s Festival features some of the finest most tempting cuisine in the world.

The Sublime Mad Hatter Irish Gourmet Feast

The Sublime Mad Hatter Irish Gourmet Feast in Kinsale, Ireland

Kenmare In County Kerry and Kinsale in County Cork consider themselves Ireland’s gourmet capitals. No wonder – they specialize in some of the most sublime dishes ever to grace the Emerald Isle.

Due to their competitive spirit, the fine fresh produce, fish and superb soil, the food is simply unparalleled.

One fine establishment features wild Irish sea bass with roasted vegetables, mashed potato with shredded cabbage (colcannon), and the traditional Irish stew with tender chunks of flavorful lamb, potatoes, onions, parsnips, barley, tripe, parsley, stout and flavored to hearty perfection with Stout and seasonings.

But Breakfast can reign supreme – Fresh juice, Irish soda bread, steaming porridge, a large plate brimming with sausage, ham, black and white pudding sausage with sweet potato, barley and oatmeal, grilled tomatoes, sweet baked beans with bacon.

During the seasonal festival held in October, Kinsale’s best restaurants provided a plethora of incredible dishes, wine and spirits tastings, all enjoyed while wearing a Mad Hatter Hat.

This year featured seafood chowders, fresh scallops prepared in a variety of ways, squid and monkfish in a ginger scallion sauce.

The traditional favorites included meats of all sorts including rabbit pate, packet (drisheen) and tripe. Drisheen is a hearty, flavorful and rich black pudding sausage.

What is all this fine Irish competitive cuisine attributable to? Perhaps the fact that one of the finest cooking schools is based in nearby Cork nestled in a 100 acre organic farm. If you ever have a mind to spend a wondrous 12 weeks learning some of the finest gourmet cooking techniques in all the world, consider Darina Allen’s Ballymaloe Cookery School. Hope to see you there! : )

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Fruit – Sweet, Succulent, Delicious, Refreshing

Fruit, Glorious Fruit - Sweet, Succulent, Gorgeous, Refreshing - Nature's Treat

Fruit, Glorious Fruit - Sweet, Succulent, Gorgeous, Refreshing - Nature's Treat... Fruit is one of the most nutritious and most natural foods on Earth. It is also one of the most enjoyable. Fruit contains high quality natural liquid, unrefined sugars, natural enzymes and readily available vitamins, minerals, nutrients.

Amazing, fabulous fruit – more nutritious and sustaining than people may think…

Did you know that people can survive well on a diet of fruit? Of course, one must have knowledge and take care. But, nevertheless, fruit can be a hearty main dish.

That said, fruit is best served as a refreshing treat or luscious dessert. A more handy snack food could not be found. Comes with it’s own biodegradeable or often, edible wrapping!

Many times, the seeds of a fruit are edible and have wonderful nutrients on their own. We seldom make use of fruit seeds any more… perhaps because most folks are not aware of what’s seeds are good to eat, and what seeds are not necessarily good.

Fruits are so varietal, that it would take a full encyclopedia to mention them all.

There are the ubiquitous mainstays such as apples, oranges, peaches and pears, and of course the banana, mango, citron, lemon and lime… does your mouth water at the mere mention of Nature’s sweet or sour delicacies?

One of the most delicious and nutritious ways to serve fruit is fresh off the vine, tree or bush, with a bit of natural, organic cheese.

Another wonderful family secret is to buy a variety of fresh organic fruits, wash and cut them up into bite sized pieces, and put them is an attractive bowl in the fridge to be dispensed at random to lucky visitors, throughout the day.

Rather than grabbing a soda or candy bar, oh so much better to grab a fresh little bowl of ready to eat bite sized fruit pieces.

When they’re sweetened with a dash of organic raw honey, maple syrup or raw sugar, they’re bits of heaven whose pause lifts the spirit and energizes the body.

We will have fabulous fridge-bowl fruit recipes that will rock your socks! : )

Meanwhile, any favorites fruits can be mixed lightly. You can even put them in individual little bowls to be taken one at a time. Very very handy.

There probably isn’t a better option for light snacking that a prepared single serving sized fruitbowl treat.

Fruit can be aptly named, Nectar of the gods! : ) More coming real soon!


Oddities :: Late Night Radio

Late night radio with Coast to Coast is all about spooky mysterious doings and beings... apocalyptic end of the world as we know it musings. Special Recipes required! : )

Late night radio with Coast to Coast is all about spooky mysterious doings and beings... apocalyptic end of the world as we know it musings. Special Recipes required! : )

Here’s some recipes for late night radio fans only – spooky and mysterious… delicious! Please send us your recipes – and we hope to have a blog page with more recipes up soon! The spookier and more delicious your recipe, the better!

Try these recipes at your own risk – they may need tweaking… These recipes are contributed by friends and visitors.

Survivalist Tea
Add home grown mint to 1 cup steaming hot water, steep for 1 minute, add 2-3 tsp. canned sweetened whole milk (no filled milk with milk powder or additives) with dash nutmeg and cinnamon, serve. YD Points: 56

Apolcalyptic Burn in He** Hot WingsTake regular hot wings, chop 1 or 2 or jalapenos in cheezwhiz, stir and heat – use for dip. Adds spicy, gooey flair with just the right touch of gross. Tasty!

Aliens Among Us Stew
Heat 2 inches of water in Stew Pot, cut up into inch pieces, the following: 1 yam, 1 sweet potato, 1 golden potato, 1 red potato and 1 regular potato, 1 carrot, 1 onion, 2 small or 1  large zucchini. Add 2 pats of butter.

Cook low heat till potatoes and zucchini are tender, approximately 3-40 minutes. For meat eaters: Instead of water, use 2 inches  beef or chicken broth. Serve with melted cheese on top with dash of parsley sprinkles. All the multicolored potatoes and yams look alien, cheese adds a fun moonscape aspect, and it tastes delicious!

Economy Collapse Pot Pie
Make a light dough of 2 cups unbleached flour, 1/2 oil or 1 stick or 8 tbsp. butter or shortening, and 2 tbsp. milk or water, 1 tsp. salt, 1 tsp. sugar, stirring little as possible. Pat into 8 circles, place 1 circle on bottom of four small pie tins. Keep remaining circles for top of tins. Poke bottoms with fork. Refrigerate.

Cook 1 package peas, carrot and green beans with 1 can chunky chicken or turkey, add 1 pat of butter, 1 teaspoon sugar, salt and pepper to taste, thicken with water mixed with 1 tbps. flour, adding slowly while stirring so there are no lumps, till vegetables till tender, 12 minutes.

Oddities :: Late Night Radio Recipes for the Initiated!
Place mixture into tins on dough, top with remaining circles, cut little slashes on top dough, bake at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes till tops are light golden brown. Serve! Classic and Yummy!

Personal Economy Collapse Pot Pie

Saute one small chopped onion in 2 tbsp. oil, fat or butter until translucent. Make dough as above and place circles in pie tins.

Mix 30 saltine crackers (preferably unsalted) broken into pieces with 2 whipped eggs, 3/4 cup of milk seasoned with 1/2  teaspoon sage or poultry seasoning, 2 teaspoons sugar, 2 individual serving ketchup packets (optional), the  sauteed onion, salt and pepper to taste.

Let soak until cracker pieces are fairly soft. Add 1 can drained peas and carrots. Mix gently, spoon mixture into tins piled high, cover with dough circles and make slits, bake at 300 for 40 minutes until mixture is bubbly. Serves 4 extremely generous portions, or 8 standard portions.

Reptilian Underground Frappe
Mix some whipped cream with chocolate syrup until brown. Spread on hot coffee, sprinkle liberally with chocolate sprinkles and chopped nuts. Serve as rocky road coffee for underground reptiles with nictitating membrane eyes! : )


Your Recipes

Your Recipes – Beloved, Secret Recipes from Friends and Family Around the World

Your Recipes - Beloved, Secret Recipes from Friends and Family Around the World

There's no place like home... and no more yummy deliciousness than home cooking. In celebration of the best cooking in the world, we feature your home recipes. It's true that this image is bereft of food... but, it's about being cozy, comfy, in anticipation of a lovely, warm meal with loved ones and home.

Hi All!

I’m Celia, and my favorite recipes of all time are Peking Duck Tortillas and Lettuce Wraps with Corn and Oysters! Go figure!

But, when I had them as a kid, they were phenomenal. You make your own flour tortillas with pastry flour, good (organic!) lard, (I know, i know… it’s up to you if you want to use organic vegetable fat or better yet, mild flavored coconut butter), and dash of salt.

Honestly, I’m getting more and more away from eating little animals who may have a very sad life in some awful factory farm, but for now, my family does eat meat. (My Mom is a gourmet cook)

Roll them out and heat in griddle – it’s the natural lard that makes all the difference.

Then, add naturally roasted free range happy-raised duck pieces, scallions, and hoisin sauce (use only the real deal, otherwise, no yum factor) from the oriental market.

This is so good and so simple, but the idea of eating a duck just isn’t the same as it used to be as a kid.

Great news tho – you can substitute slices of naturally fermented organic baked tofu – it’s still awesome beyond belief! (Note: Always eat naturally fermented tofu – then it’s good for you, and that’s why it’s safe in the Orient. They use fermented soy cake and thus, have no bad side effects. Hey – always consult with your doctor as I’m just a Site visitor and friend of YDF)

Okay, how about oyster wraps? Well, to be honest, when you saute very special dehydrated oysters with corn and sweet organic soy, then wrap it in cold fresh lettuce, it is a gourmet treat beyond all other.

The thing is, where do you get dehydrated oysters, and how do you know if they’re safe to eat? I don’t know but they asked me for my fave recipes, and this is what I had to share for now! : )

Love, Celia


Kids’ Recipes

Kids’ Recipes – Kids Know What’s Good and Simple! : )

Kids' Recipes - Kids Know What's Good and Simple! : )

I made that? No I didn

Andy’s Recipe

S’mores. They rock. And their good for you. (YDF staff: No, they’re not. But, once in a while… : ) So you take graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmellows. Then you put your chocolar bar on the graham cracker and make a kind of sandwich.

Toast your marshmellows over the campfire till black or at least brown and slap it on the chocolate thats on the cracker then eat your smore sandwich.

The more gooey the better. Dark chocolate is really good, even better than milk. Drink milk with it – that’s works.

Then, roast bananas. They’re soft and bubbly brown. Add pieces of them. Really good. Be sure to throw one at your friend. This will start a war. Your parents will never let you eat another smore, so don’t throw it – just a joke. 🙁

Yeay, you can live on these i’m sure. (YDF Staff: No, you can’t.)

Josh’s Recipe

From Josh:

The best food is pizza. So, you take any bread… the junkier and whiter, the better. (Changed by YDF staff to “the more whole grain and sprouted, the better”)

Toast it lightly or squeeze it sorta flat. Smear your favorite spaghetti or marinara sauce on it. Then put cheese slices on top, like mozzarella, cheddar. Then, sprinkle with fresh parmesan or romano cheese.

Put in toaster oven, bake broil or toast till cheese is melty or else, even better, kinda golden and bubbly.

Instant pizza! Eat. You can live on this for years. (If your parents let you.)

(Note from YDF staff: Top with fresh tomato pieces or slices, onion, bits green, gold or orange peppers, mushrooms, bits of fruit, maybe a bit of organic salami or pepperoni… – this versatile recipe is endlessly adaptable : )

Jen’s Recipe

I hate peas. But here’s how you make them good. Take a little pan. Put in some butter. Add some cut up mushrooms. cook until they are wilty and golden brownish. add peas, cook till peas are done. this is the only way they taste good. never add carrots. carrots are the bane of death.

ps: raw carrots are okay with dressing. best dressing for carrots: take cream cheese or sour cream (the good stuff – the cheap stuff doesn’t taste good) add soy sauce and just a little bit of sugar like a pinch or two. it looks brownish and horrible. dip in your carrot sticks. its REALLY GOOD. no joke. you can dip in any raw vegetable. (if you can do carrots, you can do anything.)

ps: don’t try brussel sprouts. there as tuff as rubber.

trick: tell your kids to pretend there a horse and to eat carrots and apples as loudly as possible together. they will chomp like crazy. don’t laff too hard so you don’t choke. this makes carrots and apples together to eat better.

trick again: stick your carrot sticks upright in your kids food. that makes the carrots taste better haha! : )

trick: stick a carrot into a tiny tomato and make a tomato lollypop. fun! even if it doest taste good, it’s okay.

let your kids dip there vegs in ice cream. yes! just a little! it’s really good!


Food for Thought

Food for Thought – Aye, Can’t Stick a Fork in That, Can Ye?

Food for Thought - Aye, Can't Stick a Fork in That, Can Ye?

Food for Thought...

“As a man thinketh so shall he eateth.” Or, is it, “As a man Eateth, so shall he thinketh…” ?

“Wouldst thou enjoy a long life, a healthy body, and a vigorous mind, and be acquanted also with the wonderful works of God, labor in the first place to bring thy appetite to reason.” — Ben Franklin

“Against diseases known, the strongest fence Is the defensive virtue, moderation.” — Ben Franklin

“If you’re going to eat like a glutton, exercise like a fiend.” –Aunt Sarah

“Nature delights in the most plain and simple diet.”

“Make your whole repast out of one dish; if you indulge in a second, avoid drinking anything strong till you have finished your meal; at the same time abstain from all sauces, or at least such as are not the most plain and simple, and of delightful taste; Nature’s purest and most whole.”

Solely by measured conduct of your life, Healthy and happy you gained length of days.”

“If thous well observe the rule of “Not too much,” by temperance taught in what thou east’st and drink’st, seeking from thense due nourishment, not gluttonous delight, till many years hence thy pass like ripe fruit, to softly fall than harshly plucked…”

“Not to satiate one’s self with food is the science of health.”

“It is in the purest and most natural that is found the best and most fulfilling.”



Ancient Foods from Biblical Days

Ancient Foods From Biblical Days

In the land where the grape is grown, in the land of Judea by the Sea, you can wander down pathways to the sea, scored by countless feet of beachgoers for thousands of years. Little has changed and the landscape appears unchanged, as if time stood still. The azure grey sea looks as it did when Daniel stood at its edge. This is the land of Olives, pomegranates, dates, honey, fish, unleavened bread, cucumbers, figs, new wine... and some of the finest cuisine in the world.

One of the most interesting Biblical food experiences begins with the Story of Daniel.

When Daniel was a very young man, he was brought before the King of the Land to learn the ways of the Chaldeans. Daniel had been chosen for his intelligence, comeliness, strength, agility.

He was to be fed the King’s food – dainties, meats, vegetables, fruits, breads, grains and wine; the finest food in the land.

Daniel asked that he be allowed to eat only “pulse and water,” rather than the King’s foods. Pulse is the ancient term for vegetables – in particular, any vegetables or fruits that had been “plucked, or picked,” rather than sown and harvested. Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, greens that had been picked fresh from the garden. Pulse can also include soaked grains although this may or may not have been included.

Daniel’s caretaker was very concerned. He knew it was off with his head if Daniel did not thrive. It was very important that Daniel maintain strength, vigor and health, so the caretaker was very reluctant to allow for a pulse and water diet.

However, Daniel offered to do a test. He would eat his special vegetable diet for only 10 days, and then, his caretaker could review his health, strength, appearance and progress.

Aftger 10 days, the caretaker was amazed. Daneil was fairer of countenance and heartier in physique than all the others who were partaking of the King’s luxurious foods and wine.

From that day forward, Daniel was allowed to eat his special vegetarian diet.

This story is very telling. If Daniel, one of the Bible’s greatest warrior leaders subsisted on vegetables and water with greater success than all the other meat eaters, it stands to reason that meat may not be a necessity.

All of us here are on our way to cutting way back on meat. We’ll let you know how it goes!

Bible Food Information

We here at YDF are fascinated with ancient foods from Biblical times. The foods of the Romans, Greeks, Africans, Egyptians and other areas of the Middle East hold a particular interest as they definitely were given to displays of rich yummy deliciousness. Their banquets defied sensibilities – true gluttinous connoisseurs of the ultimte sort!

We can’t say that we recommend such gluttony, but we can certainly derive some entertainment and curiosity soothed, from it. People living to excess are an excellent lesson for all of us. It seems the human body and mind contrive to store fat for “winter storage.” When taken too far, we learn that what our bodies crave are not necessarily in our bodies’ best interest.

Our conscious minds help limit our bodies’ tendencies to overdo.

Meanwhile, back to Biblical foods… recipes and interesting facts, coming! : )