Rainy Late Night at Panera’s – Asiago Bagels, Sweet Cream Coffee

Raindrops sparkle on the lone pine as I come up the walkway this eve...

Raindrops sparkle on the lone pine as I come up the walkway this eve...

11:54 PM 2/5/2009 – Late at Night

Late night news from the Land of Yummy and Delicious…

It rained pups and kittens tonight – a royal downpour. Everything’s clean, fresh, bright as a new penny.

Water droplets sparkle in the light. There’s something so fresh about after-rain.

As I come up the walkway, raindrops sprinkle and tinkle like Christmas lights on the lone pine. I’ve taken a picture for you.

It’s after 11 – all is quiet, everyone’s asleep. I’m alone with just Dear Pup and Sweet Lilly on her wheel.

Just got back from an evening at Panera’s with friends. Had some delicious hot coffee – light roast with touch of hazelnut mixed with cream and honey, and a hot, cheese encrusted, bagel. Asiago – perfectly flavored.

They add a touch of brown sugar to the Bagel batter and it shows.

The mildest hint of sweet with the rich butter cheese, perfecto. Soft, chewy, fresh baked bagel. Note: This bagel is holeless. That just means more for the money, praises be.

Let’s just say, Panera’s does Asiago Bagels right. We’re all full. We all smile, laugh, play with our computers… we plan our trip to Las Vegas for a conference for our boss. Soon, we will be in the Land of Buffets.

Ah – another day, another story to tell…

So, home again this lovely evening. Will turn on the telly for the latest news, then perhaps a bit of this and that. Will work a while, scan a few recipes, and then tomorrow, share them with you… if I love them. Tomorrow, then, dear friends! : )

Yummy Delicious Food Separator

Yummy Delicious Food Separator

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