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Holiday Update - Warm Here...

11:01 AM 12/6/2008

A United Team to Bring You All that's Yummy and Delicious!
While at the Local Mall, Santa gave us a little flickering light ball. Isn't that nice? It's never too late to be a kid... o<:})  
Good Morning from Sunny Southern California, everyone!

It's bright and warm, lots of dew last night. Do we long for a white Christmas? Why, sure we do. : )

Nevertheless, last night as we wandered around our little local shopping center, Santa was walking around as well. He gifted us with a flickering light ball which sparkled in the night.

Every little child's ball was a glowing twinkle from afar, and a small choir sang beatiful Christmas hmyns. Our little mall EVEN had a white horse and carriage - my but they spoiled us this Friday evening.

It was all lovely, and, granted, a wonderful marketing moment for them. But it was sweetly memorable for all of us - especially the children.

These days, customers linger a little less, and wallets are not quite as fat. Still, we cherish these moments, and giving, even a little of just ourselves, brightens the world for everyone.

We have a new yummy musing for you. As the holidays approach, let's try to garner some happiness, no matter our fears, woes, doubts. If you have the

chance to enjoy something yummy and delicious today, that is a START! Happy Holiday Season, Everyone!

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A Holiday Feast - All that's Yummy and Delicious!
Holiday Food
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