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Please note translation may be very imperfect! : )
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This translation tool is for your convenience. We hope you like it - however, if you find the translations "less than optimal," we sincerely apologize.

Pros: This tool enables International Visitors to hopefully understand
at least a little of what we have to offer, rather than turning them completely away.

Cons: The translations are not necessarily accurate nor grammatically correct.

We are grateful that Google provides this tool for free. However, it could use some refining, no doubt.

Nevertheless, it can be a help for those wishing to understand a site a little better in their own language.

We hope that it is of benefit to you. Id you have any comments, complaints or better ideas on how to serve the international community then please contact us!

We sincerely appreciate your input.

We have a core philosophy regarding this translation tool. Some have commented that it leaves so much to be desired that it might be a hindrance rather than help. However, we feel a bit differently. A letter from one of our founders explains our position. 

Regarding this Tool

Thanks so much for your responses - we hadn't thought that people might be offended by poor translations, preferring none rather than crude.

Interesting! Nevertheless, we love the translation tool because it allows us to get the gist of so much around the world.

We know how imperfect, even silly and rediculous sounding the translations can be. But we feel that it's a small price to pay for being able to get even a vague glimpse of another country or culture.

It seems that many people prefer quality and excellence and rightly so! However, there is a dilemma here.

In this funny, ever changing world of ours, we feel ANY tool that enables people around the world to communicate however imperfectly, the better.

With this tool, we have been able to translate our friends' sites from around the world. It has been a wonderful adjunct research tool, even with its flaws.

Of course, admittedly, the translations can be wholly inaccurate rendering them seemingly useless.

That said, we believe it to be preferable to attempt an understanding through translation, even if vague or crude, than none at all.

The closer we all become, the more we communicate, the more we try to understand each other, the better and greater for all of us.

We appreciate what Google has attempted to provide here at no cost. Therefore, we judge it leniently.

But you, dear visitor, are the bottom line. Your preferences are paramount, for this site is for you.

If you have a moment to spare, please let us know you thoughts about this tool, this site in general.

Thank you for visiting!

All the Best,
Cdin, Ellie and Boss

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