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Beverages and Drinks to Cool, Warm, Quench, Refresh

YummyDelicious.com - Water and Fluids - more vital than food... Drinks and beverages are quenching, refreshing, nourishing.
  YummyDelicious.com - Water and Fluids - more vital than food... Drinks and beverages are quenching, refreshing, nourishing.

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What is the Greatest Pause that Refreshes?

Why, it's drinks and beverages, of course! Have you noticed in every movie, how company arrives, or a visitor drops by, or someone stops in to say hello... and, the first thing that's said by the host, is,

"Can I offer you a drink?"

Now it's most likely a reference to something alcholic, which tends to ease the spirit and offer some sort of relaxation.

Also, there's tea and coffee; extremely popular beverages that energize and enervate while quenching thirst.

These days, sodas are vastly consumed, packing a caffeine and sugar punch that people have grown accustomed, even addicted to.

Some sodas often contain a great deal of salt as well as sweetener. Thus, the more you drink, the thirstier you can become.

So, drinking a 72 ounce soda can end up being very easy to do!

All in all, liquid refreshment is unparalleled for sheer entertaining imbibing.

YummyDelicious.com - A warm beverage... convivial friends. Perhaps by the 
firelight, perhaps curled with a book. Cup of tea, coffee, hot cocoa, a restfall 
YummyDelicious.com - Restful, peaceful convivial moments with a warm sport of tea, coffee or hot cocoa... moments to be cherished, and renewed.
Easy to prepare, gracious to offer, drinks and beverages are the most hospitable offering, period! Neglecting to offer someone something to drink is akin to walking around with a bit of toilet paper trailing on one's shoe - a faux pas of extraordinary proportion.

Always offer liquid refreshment! And, teacakes and crumpets a lovely second... as we all have those lying around. Not! : )

Here are some interesting facts about the world's most popular and fascinating beverages...

Which is the world's most popular beverage?

Answer: It's a toss-up between tea, wine and beer, besides water. Some will say tea, others, beer, while others pronounce that wine is more common throughout the world.

We musn't forget coffee... it's fast catching up to the others.

What is the most thirst quenching drink of all?

Answer: Actually, the best drink to quench your thirst is pure water with a pinch or two of electrolytes, lightly sweetened with a dash of sugar. The sugar is vital in helping the body absorb the liquid. The electrolytes provide valuable minerals that the body readily takes up through the gastro-intestinal barrier.

So, if you're lucky and are able to buy electrolytes in power form, you can make your own Electrolyte Beverage that will save you tons of money. Plus, you will avoid all the chemical additives and flavorings that are used in common premade electrolyte formulas.

Here's a terrific recipe for Electrolyte Wonder Beverage:

1 pinch of electrolyte powder, high quality.

2 pinches of natural raw sugar or a dash of raw honey. (If you use fruit juice, you can eliminate)

1/2 cup of your favorite natural fresh fruit juice with no additives, preferably organic, preferably non acidic

1 1/2 cups pure, fizzy, natural spring mineral water

Mix together gently and serve.

This will beat any soda for taste and healthiness, anywhere.

Great for athletes, wonderful for kids, and of course always consult with your physician for any products or recipes that you have any questions or concerns about.

We are ordinary folk who happen to believe that we know a really good thing when we discover or create it.

Happy Beveraging! Lots more coming soon!

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