Food for Thought - Aye, Can't Stick a Fork in That, Can Ye? - Food for Thought... - Food for Thought... "As a man eats, so does he think. If he eats badly, he will think badly. If he thinks badly, he will feel badly. And, if he feels badly, he will do badly, feel sadly, and think madly." - My Aunt Sarah
As a man thinketh so shall he eateth. Or, is it, As a man Eateth, so shall he thinketh...

"Wouldst thou enjoy a long life, a healthy body, and a vigorous mind, and be acquanted also with the wonderful works of God, labor in the first place to bring thy appetite to reason." -- Ben Franklin

"Against diseases known, the strongest fence Is the defensive virtue, moderation." -- Ben Franklin

"If you're going to eat like a glutton, exercise like a fiend." --Aunt Sarah

"Nature delights in the most plain and simple diet."

"Make your whole repast out of one dish; if you indulge in a second, avoid drinking anything strong till you have finished your meal; at the same time abstain from all sauces, or at least such as are not the most plain and simple, and of delightful taste; Nature's purest and most whole."

Solely by measured conduct of your life, Healthy and happy you gained length of days."

"If thous well observe the rule of "Not too much," by temperance taught in what thou east'st and drink'st, seeking from thense due nourishment, not gluttonous delight, till many years hence thy pass like ripe fruit, to softly fall than harshly plucked..."

"Not to satiate one's self with food is the science of health."

"It is in the purest and most natural that is found the best and most fulfilling."

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