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Yummy Delicious Food Separator - ? Oh no - I will cook! No vegetables. No fruit. How about pizza and candy?? - I made that? No I didn't! Vegetables? Fruit? Oh no - not in my cooking! How about cookies, and candy, and ice cream? And Pizza! That's a vegetable!
Andy's Recipe

S'mores. They rock. And their good for you. (YDF staff: No they're not) So you take graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmellows. Then you put your chocolar bar on the graham cracker and make a kind of sandwich. Toast your marshmellows over the campfire till black or at least brown and slap it on the chocolate thats on the cracker then eat your smore sandwich.

The more gooey the better. Dark chocolate is really good, even better than milk. Drink milk with it - that's works.

Then, roast bananas. They're soft and bubbly brown. Add pieces of them. Really good. Be sure to throw one at your friend. This will start a war. Your parents will never let you eat another smore, so don't throw it - just a joke. :(

Yeay, you can live on these i'm sure. (YDF Staff: No you can't)

Josh's Recipe

From Josh:

The best food is pizza. So, you take any bread... the junkier and whiter, the better. (Changed by YDF staff to "the more whole grain and sprouted, the better")

Toast it lightly or squeeze it sorta flat. Smear your favorite spaghetti or marinara sauce on it. Then put cheese slices on top, like mozzarella, cheddar. Then, sprinkle with fresh parmesan or romano cheese.

Put in toaster oven, bake broil or toast till cheese is melty or else, even better, kinda golden and bubbly.

Instant pizza! Eat. You can live on this for years. (If your parents let you.)

(Note from YDF staff: Top with fresh tomato pieces or slices, onion, bits green, gold or orange peppers, mushrooms, bits of fruit, maybe a bit of organic salami or pepperoni... - this versatile recipe is endlessly adaptable : )

Jen's Recipe

I hate peas. But here's how you make them good. Take a little pan. Put in some butter. Add some cut up mushrooms. cook until they are wilty and golden brownish. add peas, cook till peas are done. this is the only way they taste good. never add carrots. carrots are the bane of death.

ps: raw carrots are okay with dressing. best dressing for carrots: take cream cheese or sour cream (the good stuff - the cheap stuff doesn't taste good) add soy sauce and just a little bit of sugar like a pinch or two. it looks brownish and horrible. dip in your carrot sticks. its REALLY GOOD. no joke. you can dip in any raw vegetable. (if you can do carrots, you can do anything.)

ps: don't try brussel sprouts. there as tuff as rubber.

trick: tell your kids to pretend there a horse and to eat carrots and apples as loudly as possible together. they will chomp like crazy. don't laff too hard so you don't choke. this makes carrots and apples together to eat better.

trick again: stick your carrot sticks upright in your kids food. that makes the carrots taste better haha! : )

trick: stick a carrot into a tiny tomato and make a tomato lollypop. fun! even if it doest taste good, it's okay.

let your kids dip there vegs in ice cream. yes! just a little! it's really good!

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