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Update: 9:33 PM 1/11/2009

List of Pet Food Ingredients to Avoid Click Here (Opens New Window)
If you see some of these pet food ingredients, you may want to switch. Some of these ingredients are less than wholesome and could cause health complications.

What Are the Best Pet Food Ingredients?
Here's a list of high quality petfood ingredients.

Best Pet Food Ingredients List
alfalfa meal
garlic, garlic extract
rosemary extract
whole lamb meal
chicken, beef meal
rosemary extract
Vitamin C
trace minerals
mixed tocopherols
oat bran
oat groats
whole oats
dried apples
ocean fish
herring oil
menhaden fish meal
whole grain barley
whole ground wheat
ground whole sorghum
whole sweet potatoes
peas, carrots, fresh, ground, dried

Some lists may include brown rice, canola oil, fish oils, mackerel.

Brown rice, vegetables and fish oils may be given to rancidity and oxidation, while mackerel may have heavy metal contamination.

If you find a pet food that works well for your pet, you may not wish to change. Of course we always recommend consulting with your veterinarian for the best health advise.

The ideal diet for pets often can include raw food.

The best way to prepare raw meat for pets is to purchase whole chunks, then submerge chunks in boiling hot water for at least a minute or two to kill or diminish external pathogens.

The internal meat should be fine. Cut fine, looking for any nodes or odd spots. Submerge chicken meat as well.

Cooked chicken bones can be very problematic unless they are simmered a number of hours until very soft. Raw bones are considered safer - however, consult with your veterinarian for advice on this.


For your pets - only the best...

There seem to be higher rates of cancer and other illnesses with pets these days.

One of the best things you can do to insure their good health is to provide a nutritious, fresh and delicious diet.

Not hard at all - just a few facts to know, and you're off to a great start!

When feeding your reptiles fresh vegetables, try to feed them organic varieties. The less pesticide residue and chemical contaminants, the better.

Also, naturally raised or organic produce is more likely to have higher nutritional value.

It does depend upon the farmers... most organic farmers are extremely conscientious individuals of the highest caliber who use the best methods to grow and harvest their crops.

Better for your pets - and better for you! : )

More coming soon! : )

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